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Are you already a Yoga Teacher holding a YTT200H certification from another yoga school but lack the confidence to teach?
Get access to all the tools and answers you need as well as the vibrant Zazyoga community to become a confident yoga teacher that students love....all at a reduced rate!

Any questions?

with Marylene Henry

The ZAZYOGA Bridge Training

Who is the Bridge training for?

This is the right training for you:
-If you're one of the many yoga teachers who have already completed a YTT200H training but don't feel confident to teach
-If you want to understand how yoga can be applied in your life
-If you want to learn more about how to teach safely and confidently
-If you want to use this time to brush up your knowledge
-If you want to learn new styles of yoga (vinyasa, restorative, nidra)
-If you want to join a supportive and vibrant yoga community

This online training will allow you to develop as a confident yoga teacher and entrepreneur in the wellness industry.

Why take the Bridge training for?

The Bridge Training is designed to teach you to:

-Learn how to confidently structure and deliver original yoga classes
-Brush up on your anatomy knowledge
-Understand the biomechanics of the body in yoga practices
-Discover the practical applications of yoga for various situations and health conditions
-Learn how to adapt your yoga classes to different levels, body types and health limitations
-Revisit yoga philosophy in ways you can apply to find happiness in your life
-Learn yoga adjustments, using your voice, and all the other teachings skills you need to deliver impactful classes
-Discover different yoga types such as Yoga nidra, chair yoga, and restorative yoga

This training will allow you to deepen your own practice and understand yoga like never before so you can deliver inspiring yoga classes safely and injury-free. 

This approach is your key to discovering the deep sense of purpose that unfolds from guiding others, so you're able to positively impact lives through yoga.

What is included in the Bridge training?

The Bridge Training gives you:

-All the material of the acclaimed Zazyoga Online YTT200H.
-Weekly live calls to discuss the hot topics of yoga industry
-Two coaching calls with the teachers
-Up to 65 YACEP hours with Yoga Alliance

Here is exactly what you're going to get...

The Complete Zazyoga Online YTT200H training curriculum.

(Value $1997 USD)

This 30-day online video course, with over 160 hours of expert content, includes everything you need to start your yoga teacher training journey with:
  • 29 Original Morning Practices of sitting, moving and chanting Meditations, Pranayama and Kriyas such as Vayus, Nadi Shodhana, Kapalabhati, as well as creative Vinyasa sequences to take you from basic to advanced practices and methods so you can master your mind, your breath and your body.
  •  29 Asana Labs to deconstruct over 70 basic to advanced postures and understand their practice, effects, benefits and modifications so you can confidently practice and teach postures for all levels safely and injury-free.
  • In-depth Yoga Philosophy and Yoga History to understand how Ancient Wisdom applies to our modern lives and how you can immediately start living a more mindful and happy life.
  • ​Functional Yoga Anatomy and Physiology including Anatomy of the Breath, Secrets of Flexibility, Emotions in Fascia and more so you learn and understand the impact of yoga on the body and how to promote health through yoga.
  • 10 Restorative Yoga Classes to help you relax and appreciate emotional and physical releases.
  • 8 guided Yoga Nidras to reset and restore your entire body and your brain.
  • Step-by-step Yoga Nidra Scripts to teach you how to guide your students into deep states of relaxation.
  • Detailed Teachings Skills such as finding and using your Voice, the Art and Science of hands-on Adjustments, to build you as a confident and inspiring teacher.
  • Step-by-step Yoga Sequencing Skills to help you create original classes and move your students beyond the physical practice.
  • Subtle Anatomy and Chakras Sequences to help you understand each Chakra color and assess your energy body and balance your life.
  • And more...


  • Weekly live group calls with the course teachers (value $147 USD) These 60-minute weekly calls will get you to meet your teacher and colleagues live, ask all the questions you may have about the course and feel supported in your course progress. By connecting with your student community and share your journey with other students, you will stay accountable to your commitment of becoming a professional yoga teacher. 
  • ​2 one-to-one personal coaching calls with your Zazyoga teachers (value $197 USD) These dedicated one-to-one calls with Zazyoga teachers are the shortcut to elevate your personal practice, correct and improve your postures, and explore the topics where you need the most help so you know exactly what to do to solve or bypass any training roadblock. You will be expertly coached to address specific areas of your personal practice -or your life- further so you’re able to quickly and easily find your inner voice as a professional yoga instructor, and lead others on the path of personal growth through yoga even better. You will also have a deep look into your career goals and benefit from Marylene and Ella's insider business experience to help you build a strategy for the next stage of your life.


  • ​Printable Chakra map (value $7 USD)
This Chakra map is the key to understand the meaning of each of your own Chakra,  evaluate their state and identify instantly the techniques to rebalance your mind, body and soul.
  • ​Printable asana worksheets (value $27 USD)
Keep track of your asanas with printable worksheets to note your cues, modifications, benefits. Collect them to build your own yoga teacher reference guide so you never run out of inspiration when you create your classes!
  • ​eBook “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” (value $7 USD)
Certainly the most studied yoga text and one every yogi needs to read, this classic yoga literature book is the foundation of modern yoga practice. Its holistic view of yoga will help you see your life through new lenses and shift your consciousness to new levels. This English translation with journal prompts will invite you to take a look at your patterns of thoughts and behaviors and reshape your life.
  • ​eBook “The Foundations of Yoga Philosophy” (value $17 USD)
This eBook will help you get a fundamental understanding of the origins of yoga and the basic concepts of yoga philosophy. You will learn to use these concepts to apply to your life and improve your relationships with yourself and with others.


  • Bonus #1:  Yummy adjustments video (value $27 USD)
This bonus video will give you infallible techniques that will set you apart as a yoga teacher and get your students to come back to your class week after week.
  • Bonus #2: Advanced Anatomy Module on the endocrine system (value $47 USD)
In this 5h bonus module, you will learn about the endocrine systems and related hormone imbalances, and learn how to apply yoga therapeutically for these conditions

And your ZAZYOGA YACEP 65H Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Bridge training program, you will be able to register up to 65 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance's YACEP education.


Whether you choose to complete the training in 30 days or over 12 months...you're only a click away from changing your life too.

Here's everything you get today:

  • The complete Zazyoga Online YTT200H curriculum. (value $1,997 USD)
  • Weekly live group calls with the course teachers (value $147 USD)
  • ​2 one-on-one coaching calls with the Zazyoga teachers  (value $197 USD)
  • Printable Chakra map  (value $7 USD)
  • Printable asana worksheets (value $27 USD)
  • eBook “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” (value $7 USD)
  • eBook “The Foundations of Yoga Philosophy” (value $17 USD)
  • Bonus #1: Yummy adjustments video (value $27 USD)
  • Bonus #2: Advanced Anatomy Module (value $47 USD)
  •  Your ZAZYOGA YACEP 65H Certificate


$2559 USD

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$797 USD
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Interested but still on the fence? 

with Marylene Henry

Meet Your Teachers: 

Marylene Henry 

Marylene Henry (aka "Zaz") is an energetic and experienced yoga teacher, reiki healer, and mindfulness coach. After climbing the ladders of the corporate world and holding senior international positions in Fortune 100 companies, she decided to trade her tailored suits for yoga pants and dedicate herself to studying and teaching yoga.

Her extensive experience in corporate environments led her to experience how lifestyle impacts the body and mind. She leverages this knowledge to help students and clients relieve their physical and psychological pain through yoga and osteopathic techniques. Her holistic immersive approach encompasses deep understanding of bodily systems and body alignments, philosophy, and mindfulness practice, to lead her clients to self-empowerment.

On top of yoga, Marylene studied psychology, energy fields, and mindfulness coaching. She is currently completing a PhD in Osteopathy. She leads yoga workshops in the UAE and yoga teacher trainings in Bali.

Ella Trotter

Ella Trotter's passion for yoga started at an early age in New Zealand and Australia where she explored many different styles of yoga to compliment a busy working lifestyle. Her worldly curiosity and desire to learn led her on an exploration, travelling, volunteering, and living in Holistic communities around the world. Feeling the calling to India, and the time to deepen her yoga practice, she embarked on a 200h YTTC and ended up staying in India helping the running of a Yoga School in Goa. Since then, Ella has been teaching all around the world, studying and practicing, and has now settled in Bali to run Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Retreats.

Ella’s unique teaching style could be defined as mindfully connecting movement with breath whether it be a flowing vinyasa class or a gentle restorative session. She is passionate about meditation and finding different ways to calm the mind and connect to the present moment.


Why train online?
- Because it is more convenient and cheaper! Our online yoga teacher training format allows you to learn at your own pace and design your experience around your life and schedule. 30 days intensive pace or a more relaxed 12 months? Either way, no need to take time away from home, your family or your job.
- Because our self-paced online yoga teacher training lets you pause and rewind as many times as you want, until you get a perfect understanding of the poses and concepts taught. And you can go back to the course content even after you graduate!
- Because you get better personal feedback. For each module of our online yoga teacher training, you submit pictures and videos of your practice. This gives us the opportunity to give full attention to one student at a time, and to provide you detailed personalized feedback and tips. And you are not learning only from your own yoga practice. You get to look at other students’ practice and feedback in detail too, so you learn to read different bodies and levels and assess alignment altogether. This is why online yoga training is so effective compared to an in-person group experience where information overload happens too often.
Why choose Zazyoga?
- Because we care about turning each yogi student into a confident and inspiring teacher so they can graduate ready to teach. We feel this should be the mission of every online yoga teacher training. 
- Because we take the necessary time to provide a highly personalized support to yogi students so they can experience growth. We feel this should be the norm for every online yoga teacher training.
- Because we respect each body’s individuality.  We feel that the prevention of yoga injuries in any practice should be the foundation of every online yoga teacher training.
- Because we're passionate and knowledgeable teachers fully committed to  your growth and your success. We feel that being available to support you personally is what makes a difference in an online yoga teacher training. 
- Because we foster an inclusive environment and a supportive community. We feel this is the only way to learn from each other and grow together. 
How do I get support during the course?
Throughout the course you will have access to your teachers and fellow students via the course platform and the private Zazyoga Academy Facebook Group. You can also always send us your questions by email and WhatsApp or Zoom. We are only a click away!
And the support doesn't stop when you graduate! As a member of the growing Zazyoga Family we will remain available to support you throughout your yoga career. 
How will I get evaluated during this course?
During the course, you will have opportunities to get live sessions with the teachers and regular feedback on your practice and progress. You will also have short quizzes and essays to ensure your comprehension and allow your teachers to offer additional support you may need. Expect an extensive experience of fine-tuning your skills, receiving personalized feedback, to ensure that you are ready to teach yoga classes safely and with confidence. 
When does the course start and finish?
The course is a completely self-paced online curriculum which you get access to as soon as you enroll - we recommend that you follow the daily schedule over 30 days. However, you have up to 12 months to complete the training.
Will I be able to register CE credits with Yoga Alliance?
If you are already registered with Yoga Alliance, you can enter your online course hours are Continuous Education credits, as long as the lectures are completed before December 31st 2023. This date has been set by Yoga Alliance in response to the global pandemic and its impact on the in-person delivery of trainings. 
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for 1 year across any and all devices you own.
How many hours will it take to complete this course?
YOur full course includes over 160 hours of practices and lectures split into 30 module. Each module contains approximately 6 hours of practices, video lessons and homework. You can follow the daily schedule over 30 days or break down each module to suit your own schedule, for up to 12 months.
Do I need to be a yoga teacher to do this course?
YES. The Zazyoga Bridge program is designed exclusively for yoga teaches or students who have already completed a Yoga Teacher Training with another school. If you are looking to complete a yoga instructor certification, please visit our 200h training program page.
What's included in the free trial?
We know how overwhelming picking the right training can be. In order to help you choose with perfect clarity whether Zazyoga is the right course for YOU, this completely FREE trial gives you access to:

- the first three modules of the Bridge program 
- the vibrant community of other Zazyoga students 
- no commitments, cancel at anytime with 1-click.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! In order to pay the course in installments, just select the payment plan option at checkout and you will be able to pay in 3 or 6 monthly installments.

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